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How We Express Ourselves: The Power of Words

The Grade 3s have started their next IB theme of How We Express Ourselves: The Power of Words.
The Central Idea is:
 Oral expression is a way to share ideas and information.
 The Lines of Inquiry are:
– Different forms of oral expression
– Purpose and audience impact the language and style of oral expression
-The power of non-verbal cues in a presentation

This week, we played a few games as an introduction to our new theme. In small groups, we played Charades, Hedbanz and Blurt. The focus in all of these games is to use actions, gestures and expressive words to communicate an idea or information effectively. The students loved participating in these activities. We took a few moments to share what we learned as well as shared some challenges of each activity.

Please take a moment to read a few of our reflections about this provocation.
“I enjoyed trying to guess what something was during Charades. The challenge was trying to know what they were acting out. I learned that you have to think before you answer. Using your words, you can express a lot of stuff. Trying to show people what you think and feel.” (S.R.)

“I learned that during both of the games that I played I had to act or answer questions to figure out what they are or what I am.  The challenging part was when I had to guess what I was in Hedbanz because they gave me small hints, to describe different things.”  (J.L.)

“I enjoyed Charades because I liked guessing what the person was doing. It was hard because when you are doing the movements, it was hard to figure out how to move so my group could figure out what I was doing.” (I.L.)

“I enjoyed playing Hedbanz because it was a bit challenging to guess what you were when you asked yes or no questions. I learned that it helpful to ask questions to get an idea of what the other person is seeing.” (E.K.)

“It was hard to guess what people were doing in Charades because they were not speaking, just actions, so I did not know what they meant. I learned that if you only use actions but no words, it is hard to let others know what you mean.” The games Hedbanz and Charades were difficult because you had to guess the answers. You had to use your words and imagination to guess the answers.” (J.H)

“It was difficult to guess the answers to the questions in Blurt because they were hard. Some of us were giving each other hints.” (S.K.)

“Charades was difficult for me because they had to do the actions well in order for the group to guess what they were.  If the actions were not done well, they won’t know what you are doing.” (C.C.)

 “The hardest game was Charades because if the actions were not clear, it was hard to guess. Some of the words we did not know the meaning in Blurt so it was hard to answer.” (A.A.)

“The hard game was Blurt because we didn’t know the answers to the questions. I gave hints when I knew it was something we had learned. I learned if you want to know the answer, you have to know what the words mean.” (Y.S.)

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