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Helping your children with homework

Children are given homework in school to improve and reinforce day-to-day classroom learning. When kids do homework, they learn to follow direction and manage time. For parents, helping with the homework of children can be a daily routine that both the parents and the children should cherish. In so doing, parents provide support and guidance that contribute to the success of children academically. Consequently, helping children with their homework is necessary to help them build good study habits. These good study habits will help children in understanding the value of knowledge in the long run. As parents continually engage their children in homework, children begin to develop a sense of responsibility and a working principle that will help them beyond the four walls of a classroom.

Helping children with homework does not necessarily mean spending hours hunched over a writing table, it is best to develop a plan that will ensure effectiveness in the process.

Here are some guidelines parents can use in helping their children;

  • Create a suitable routine: This is the first step parents may take in helping children. Parents should observe their children and choose a time when they are willing to study. Some children are more open to their homework after a snack period or dinner. In creating a routine, parents pass a message to children that doing homework is a top priority.
  • Set up a homework area: Parents should endeavour to set up a homework-friendly area for children which must be well-lit and free from distraction. Various materials needed for homework must also be kept around the area.
  • Monitoring: As children begin their homework, parents should not abandon them to engage in other activities. Children will be more productive in the presence of parents. Furthermore, the duty of parents is to monitor and not to continually correct children when doing homework. Teachers identify what children have absorbed in the classroom through the identification of the errors they make, and that will help them in going over topics the children do not understand.
  • Communication with teachers: Parents can remain abreast of their child’s strengths and weaknesses by engaging in constant communication with their teachers. If done, parents will get to know about their child’s progress and disposition towards classroom learning. This information obtained from teachers will help parents discover ways to help children in doing homework effectively.
  • Dismiss all distractions: Parents should keep all distractions to a minimum. Homework time should be free from phone calls, music or television programs. Doing this will prevent the child from getting discouraged and distracted.
  • Praise their efforts: Children will be encouraged to learn more if honoured for their efforts. Parents should commend and encourage them when they complete their homework and occasionally reward them with gifts. Praises will go a long way in encouraging children to be more willing and open to engaging in homework.

Homework provides an opportunity for parents to impart organizational skills, virtues of self-responsibility and values of hard work as they help their children. Taking advantage of this opportunity will contribute significantly to a child’s ability to achieve their goals successfully in the future.

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