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Friendship Soup: PK & JK Children

It’s so good. You taste it and you can’t stop eating it… I am a GOOD cook!  (Justin)

Pour some broth in a pot,

Add some vegetables you’ve scrubbed a lot.

Sprinkle spices and herbs,

Let it simmer undisturbed.

Drop in carrots, onions, too,

Let the soup heat through and through.

Stir with love to make it sweet,

Add potatoes for a treat.

Toss in beans.  Let it stew.

Let it bubble.  Let it brew.

Taste the soup and when it’s done,

Share ‘Friendship Soup’ with everyone!!

It will surely warm your heart,

Just like our friendship has

From the very first start!

1 Comment:

  • “My Mommy came to make soup.” (Isabelle, Prek)
    “The soup was so tasty.” (Juliana, Prek)
    “I cut lots of vegetables. The carrot was my favourite.” (Tate, Prek)

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