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Forms in the Process of Becoming – Exploring Composition in Grade 1

Over the last few weeks Mrs. Kristine Brown, Richland’s Grade One Teacher, has observed the children’s dedication to building structures and creating compositions with various sets of building blocks and a variety of natural materials.  Mrs. Brown captured these intriguing structures as they were constructed, and has shared these insights.

“This is a campsite.” – M.A.

“These are both boats in the campsite. This one is better. See? This one is wiggly. You can sit in this one. It’s more stable.” – I.G.

“I’m making a nest and now I’m going to build a bird. These are the wings.” – E.Z.

“I recently read a passage written by a teacher from the Pablo Picasso Center in Reggio Emilia, Italy.  I felt these words spoke to the work of our Grade One Children.”  – Mrs. Brown

Observing the children and documenting the compositional process, we see their ability to study, to weigh, to ‘listen to’ the individual materials and then put them in relationship to each other, in dialogue with each other, seeking harmonies among the different elements and the different forms and lines and marks they are making (p. 48).

We Write Shapes that Look Like a Book. 
A project about the park at the Pablo Picasso Centre
Reggio Children Publisher

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