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Experiencing the Wonder of Yoga

Recently, our Grade 4 class had the pleasure of welcoming Richland Parent and Special Guest, Ms. Stuart, for an invigorating yoga session.Reflecting on their experiences after the session, students described the sensation as “relaxed” and “focused” with the sounds of nature, and “calm,” “peaceful” and “quiet” with the visual of trees, nature and animals.

Other student expressions included:

  • “I felt like nothing but everything at the same time.” ~Marco
  • “The smell of the burning incense smelled like campfire and reminded me of Camp Couchiching.” ~Stephanie
  • “I felt like I could lift the whole universe and keep it in my hand the whole time because I was so focused. ~Jonah
  • “I felt like I was in my own world, doing what I wanted.” ~Alex

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