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Do You Want Your Child to be a Leader? Here’s What Not To Do

“It’s important for parents to become exceedingly self-aware of their words and actions when interacting with their children, or with others when their children are nearby. Care enough to train them, not merely treat them to a good life. Coach them, more than coddle.” ~ Dr. Tim Elmore

Inquiring Minds wanted to share this insightful link to Forbes by Kathy Caprino entitled, 7 Crippling Parenting Behaviours That Keep Children From Growing Into Leaders.  It gave us pause for thought, and we think it will do the same for you.  Ms. Caprino’s insights from leadership expert, Dr. Tim Elmore, really drive home the importance of allowing children to experience risk, and to learn from mistakes.

Here is the top 10 of what we can do to encourage children to become leaders:

1. Talk over the issues you wish you would’ve known about adulthood.
2. Allow them to attempt things that stretch them and even let them fail.
3. Discuss future consequences if they fail to master certain disciplines.
4. Aid them in matching their strengths to real-world problems.
5. Furnish projects that require patience, so they learn to delay gratification.
6. Teach them that life is about choices and trade-offs; they can’t do everything.
7. Initiate (or simulate) adult tasks like paying bills or making business deals.
8. Introduce them to potential mentors from your network.
9. Help them envision a fulfilling future, and then discuss the steps to get there.
10. Celebrate progress they make toward autonomy and responsibility.

Together, as parents and educators, we can support children into becoming the leaders they are so capable of being through consciously guiding them along this path.

As always, we welcome your feedback.

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