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“Deep thoughts, Words and Wisdom”

Inquiring Minds is pleased to share today’s blog post from Ms. Isabella Bei, Richland’s 5/6 teacher, on her class’s recent experience with poetry.

The Grade 5/6 Students have begun a journey in reading and writing poetry! Students have blossomed in their writing, showing creativity and emotion like never before. The students and I have shared in laughter, and even some tears as we brainstormed, drafted, critiqued, wrote and performed our own works of art.As students were asked to contemplate, “What makes good poetry?”-  Heated discussion ensued. Ideas and opinions were shared, debated and layered. Finally, one student pointed out that a theme was emerging; “Really…poetry is a short but powerful piece” that shows “deep thoughts, words and wisdom”. Finally – consensus!

Through this unit, we have been exploring issues around remembrance, peace and conflict, in honour of Remembrance Day. Mature ideas such as nostalgia, loss and death have emerged in their words. Through the course of the study, I have been continually impressed by the lack of inhibitions and their willingness to expose their emotions and ideas around these deep issues.In the end, our poetry study has become a powerful method of communicating, and bringing our peers together. Poetry is helping us build community! Each week, we look forward to our Poetry Coffeehouse. Where we read and share our poetry. Within out coffeehouses, I have enjoyed watching the students engaged as supportive audience members. The lights and dimmed as each audience member sips tea. We watch, enjoy and appreciate with “snaps”!

We continue to write and reflect! Stay tuned for more news around our “deep thoughts, words and wisdom” on Inquiring Minds or our Twitter @RichlandClass.

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