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A Splash of Colour

An exploration into colours around us.

Together in our Early Years class – Bambini Grandi 2, we are focusing on the IB Theme of ‘How We Express Ourselves’. This theme lends itself beautifully to the ‘100 Languages’ of the Reggio philosophy. Our central idea (the idea that inspires our learning) is ‘We can use colours to express ourselves.’

In order to gain a deeper understanding of the Central Idea, the teachers have developed 3 Lines of Inquiry (topics of investigation).

Lines of inquiry (what we are investigating)

  • Exploring colours
  • Expressing creativity through colour
  • Colours in our world

Line of Inquiry #1: Exploring colours
Through play, the children will discover and share their understanding of colours in their environment. They will also experiment with mixing colours in different ways.
Line of Inquiry #2: Exploring creativity through colour
This Line of Inquiry presents the children with fun ways to express their ideas and creativity.
Line of Inquiry #3: Colours in our world
This Line of Inquiry motivates the children to investigate what colours symbolise to them.

In BG2, we encourage our children to engage in messy and sensory play as much as possible as the many benefits are worth it. An opportunity to engage in messy art sparked the children’s interest in exploring colours. This experience fostered curiosity, imagination and exploration in the hearts of the children of BG2.

As educators, we have learned that there is no right way to carry out messy play, it is all about letting children explore and experiment without any end goals to restrict them.

We are excited to see where this IB Theme leads us. Stay tuned for more!!

“A Child isn’t thinking about whether their painting is good enough.
They’re just enjoying painting!” 

– Annie Kagan 

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