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A Question Posed: “What Do You Think Happens to the Food We Eat?”

During health class, we began our inquiries into the ‘Human Body’, specifically the ‘Digestive System’. Their answers were not only varied, but quite informative and knowledgeable:

  • “You need to chew the food,” declared LL.
  • NK added, “We need to chew so that it will be in smaller pieces to swallow.”
  • AB wanted to say, “We have saliva to swallow the food.”
  • MJ wanted us to know, “You also chew to get the flavours on your taste buds.”
  • “Your tongue has different parts for different flavours,” SS added.
  • IP responded by saying, “The food goes into your mouth, through your neck and then goes to your tummy.”
  • “It will go to your stomach and then you will digest it and some food will take longer and then it will come out,” SB said.
  • PR added, “The food that doesn’t digest properly comes out.”
  • AM thought it was important for us to know, “Some food stays in your body to keep your health going.”

Once our theories were documented and recorded, we began our research, delving deeper into the mysteries of our bodies and how they function. Using iPads and resource books, the children collaborated and wrote some important facts for us to think about. Focusing on the Digestive System, the children also sketched and labelled a diagram. The care and detail in the drawings indicated a clear understanding of how their food is digested.

To add another layer to their learning, the children participated in the ‘Body Basics’ program at the Science Centre. Through experimentation, demonstrations, games and visual stimulation, the children were completely engaged. They came away knowing more than when they entered the Science Centre. What an amazing learning experience!

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