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A Child Inspired: Making a Connection to our Visiting Author.

An authentic experience always captures the attention, passion or wonder of a child. No truer words have been spoken. This morning, Annabella Stoyke was invited to Richland for a reading of her beautiful storybook entitled, ‘Christy Solves a Mystery’.

“The ABC Adventure Series provides children with the entertaining intrigue of solving a mystery and, at the same time, a great educational platform to learn about their environment through the recognition of the alphabet and basic numbers.”

The story’s further purpose is “to encourage children to have an emotional connection to the environment; the need to understand that all our activities have an impact on the world.”
The author shares that, “We need to teach respect and instill an awareness of the planet, and all that inhabits it, at a very early age.”

Keeping this in mind, Stoyke elaborates that “It is the intention of the series, so that our environment and wildlife will be preserved and flourish for generations to come.”

Her message came through loud and clear for one little man in JK. He has been writing, compiling, illustrating and sharing his own stories in a binder since a very early age.

This binder of importance sits on our Library Wall shelf and it is sought after daily in JK.

As we returned from the reading from the author, he immediately asked if he could compose some questions for her. As he stated to me most eloquently, “I wonder if she knows that I want to be an author too when I grow up?”He was delighted to know that our visiting author was thrilled to be an integral part of this experience for our JK author. He asked me to scribe his questions for him, so that we could email them to Ms. Stoyke for interpretation.

  • “How do you become an author?”
  • “How do you write a story, from beginning to end?”
  • “When did you become a writer?”
  • “What kind of book should I write?”
  • “What kind of pictures should I practice to draw?”
  • “Where should I write the book?” (the place)
  • “Is it best to write in the morning, in the afternoon or in the night?”
  • “Would you like to read my binder of stories? I could email them to you or lend you my binder of stories.”

Authentic learning experiences are abound throughout our school, full of vim and vigour to enrich, extend and affirm, that we are providing endless possibilities and opportunities for our children.

Our belief system is rich, powerful and strong.
Deeper Thinking. Confident. World Ready.

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