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John Alton

John has worked within Richland since the 2018/19 school year as an educational assistant and supply teacher, and now joins our team as the Grade 7 & 8 maths and sciences teacher. He studied at Queen’s University on two separate occasions, achieving both his Bachelors of Education as well as his Bachelors of Science, majoring in biology. His study of biology brought him to interesting places: studying insect distribution for weeks in the middle of the Frontenac forests, paddling open waters while collecting rare aquatic specimens, or even growing rat brain cells in petri dishes. He hopes to pass this passion on to his students to forge the scientists of tomorrow, who think critically about how their actions will impact the world around them. In his spare time, John loves gardening, exploring new chicken wing flavours, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and hiking through York Region’s many forests. John is overjoyed to be able to work alongside all of the other fantastic staff at Richland, and can’t wait to explore the interconnection between maths and sciences with his amazing students.

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