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We Day 2011 Inspires a Generation of Change-makers

On September 27th, several of our Student Ambassadors had the privilege of attending Free The Children’s We Day at the Air Canada Centre. The event was a day of celebration and inspiration, empowering youth to make positive change in the world, and included words from influential global leaders and social activists, with performances by cultural icons and entertainers: Co-founders of Free the Children, Craig and Marc Kielburger; Dr. Hunter Doherty “Patch” Adams; Canada’s ‘Man in Motion’ Rick Hansen; United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights from 1997-2002 and former President of Ireland, Mary Robinson; Motivational Speaker Spencer West; the Kenyan Boys Choir; and artists Nelly Furtado, Nikki Yanofsky and Shawn Desmond, to name a few.

What JK Learned about Tomatoes

The JK students gathered on the carpet to discuss and share their findings concerning the JK unit of interest about the harvest and tomatoes. The children were asked the following simple question: ‘What did you learn about tomatoes?’

The thought and meaningful discussion that ensued is by far ‘not simple’, but rather a complex learning and retrieving experience for our JK boys and girls!

Richland Academy Celebrates 10 Years!

On September 6th, we commenced our 10th academic year at Richland Academy! When we first opened our doors in September 2002, we had 9 students. We have since grown to over 110 students, which we treat with the same care and consideration. We are proud to provide an engaging and experiential learning environment for our students, using the Reggio-inspired approach to inquiry learning. We maximize every child’s potential by offering an enriched and superior curriculum, nurturing inner virtues, fostering a sense of social responsibility, and encouraging a love for learning that transcends the boundaries of our school. We are proud of our reputation for providing an enriched curriculum and academic excellence.