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We are committed to excellence, which resonates through the work of our students and teachers. Our rich and challenging curriculum ensures we deliver a solid academic foundation, which is enhanced by our comprehensive Arts programming.


To heighten self-awareness and enhance self-esteem through acceptance.

Practical learning

To encourage the children to be responsible for their own individual.

Open school

To encourage every child to express their individuality appropriately.

Community involve

To provide a wide range of Outdoor Education programmes using.

Online resources

To provide opportunities for involvement in a wide range of sports.

Plan and details

Outdoor learning and tending to our school garden is a big part of day.

Rich, stimulating classroom experiences

You want your children to be involved in rich, stimulating classroom experiences that make them want to come to school. And so do we. We do this by delivering our curriculum through the very best inquiry-based learning and assessment practices. In an inquiry-based learning model children learn to craft deep questions about content, investigate those questions, and come to evidence-based conclusions about subject matter. They learn how to learn.

Our Head of School is nationally recognized for her inquiry-based learning expertise and our Ontario-certified teachers are sophisticated practitioners of this approach. Teachers from across the province come to Richland Academy to participate in workshops and professional training in inquiry-based learning.