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The PK children have been actively engaged in practicing their math skills using the interactive white board. In these activities, using the interactive pen, the children have worked on recognition, matching, and sequencing of numerals from 1-10. “I will pop two balloons!” said Leo. “Number 
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This week, our PK class had a wonderful opportunity to visit Valleyview Gardens, where they observed many kinds of flowers and saw several machines which are used in the process of seeding, growing and transplanting the plants.
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Our PK students have been amazed to see the growth of their bean plants! The children have been taking care of their plants very conscientiously, making sure each day that they have “just enough” water. This week, they carefully observed the bean plants before sketching 
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In celebration of Earth Day, Richland’s PK, Grade 3 and Grade 5 classes prepared an informative and entertaining Earth Day assembly for the Richland Community.  The collaborative awareness-building presentation was a blend of Earth Day facts, poetry, music and video, which honoured the theme, ‘The 
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Shortly after ‘planting’ beans in PK, the children eagerly inspected their beans and were delighted to discover that they had sprouted!  “There’s a long stem!” (Madalin) “It’s growing from the bean.” (Matthew) “It has a leaf.” (Justin) “It grew.” (Vanessa) “A string is growing.” (Sebastian) 
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Our PK students have been actively engaged in observing the changing seasons, and recently theorized about where flowers come from: “Flowers come from leaves” and “Flowers live in a garden.” Following their class discussion, they read “The Tiny Seed” by Eric Carle and “And Then 
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While using the BrightLink projector, our PK students discovered that the images on the screen would project onto their bodies instead if they stood in front!  The children had a great time “changing colours.”
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The PK children have been eager to learn about volcanoes, so they borrowed some books from the library to research the topic. The children excitedly explored the pages of the books, observing the lava flowing down the sides of the volcanoes. “It is SO hot!” 
Read more The PK class has been exploring the sounds of rain showers and thunderstorms, and created rain sticks to make their own rain sounds and recreate a rain shower. This video shows the students singing their new song “I Hear Thunder”, accompanied by their rain 
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This week, a group of PK’s worked together to build a number train puzzle, counting dots to match to numerals and then numbers of objects, and then sequencing the numbers from 1 to 10. Puzzles improve a child’s cognitive, problem solving and reasoning skills. They 
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