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Richland Students Help ‘Bring Back the Wild’

In celebration of Earth Month, we welcomed Earth Rangers and their Animal Ambassadors for a special ‘Bring Back the Wild’ presentation on April 2, in collaboration with the Nature Conservancy of Canada. The Eco-Assembly focused on issues related to biodiversity, and the importance of protecting animals and their habitats. In the presentation, four species and their habitats at-risk were introduced: the Spotted Turtle in Ontario, the Plains Bison in Saskatchewan, the Pine Marten in Newfoundland, and the Monarch Butterfly in Manitoba.

Earth Hour at Richland

In observance of Earth Hour, Richland Academy turned off the lights and went ‘technology-free’ for one hour on Friday, March 30. By taking part in this ‘lights out’ event, we acknowledged our...

Grade 5/6 Prezi Presentation

[prezi id='bkpakivijqw9' width='520' height='400'] Grade 5/6 launched an inquiry into oceans. Working in groups based on individual interests, students researched and presented their findings on the world’s major oceans in a “Prezi” presentation....