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Our SK students interact with a goldfish image that appears over their hands on the classroom whiteboard.
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The Kindergarten students enjoyed the snow at recess time today. They shoveled the snow, rolled in the snow, made snowballs, made a snowman… and had a wonderfully good time!
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Leaves and trees have been a long term fascination with the SK’s.  With the arrival of fall, there was much leaf collecting, comparing of collections, and a very real interest in why the leaves were falling.  The children had recognized that there were many different 
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It was a day of exciting discoveries in the SK classroom! The SK children are currently fascinated by the human body and used a variety of activities to reinforce their understanding of what goes where!  It became a very real experience for them, as they 
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Between the ages of 3 and 5 children usually demonstrate rapid gains in fine motor manipulation, finger dexterity and tool use. Development of fine motor skills takes time, patience and practice. Activities that assist with development of the muscles required to manipulate a pencil include: 
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The first arrival of snow caused a flurry of excitement in the SK room.  The large windows in the SK classroom gave them a perfect view as the first snowflakes arrived.  “It’s snowing, it’s snowing” echoed around the classroom, quietly spoken with a sense of 
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The SK’s were introduced to the ‘moveable alphabet’ – a box of wooden consonants and vowels that they could use to spell words.  They were thrilled and immediately began spelling their names, and then moved on to spelling words.  They were ‘totally in the moment,’ 
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How could we measure something that is round?  The SK’s had a great deal of fun trying to solve that problem today.  Alexia and Catherine immediately fetched the classroom rulers, but found they had a problem.  “You need to bend them,” Alexia suggested.  “Maybe we 
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The JK children’s interest in fall leaves has escalated. During their first Investigative Research session with the SK children, they went searching for colourful and different fall leaves. Their first task was to really look carefully at the leaves: colour, shape, and type. They then 
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