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Fostering Natural Curiosity

Children are innately curious. Their world is full of wonder, magic and newness.  Children naturally begin asking questions about the things they see, hear, feel, taste and smell in their world. Through inquiry learning, we...


Ideas Become Reality

Welcoming Children to Mei Bimbi While everyone at home in Canada is groaning at the return of winter weather, I am basking in the heat and humidity in Guangzhou, China.  It's April, and I...


Natural Materials Club

Canadian research states that playing, learning and working in Nature have many benefits for children. We, at Richland have designed an outdoor Club for young children, which is designed to explore the...


Imaginative Play

According to Marks Tarlow-(The American Journal of Play), “Play is a vital human instinct crucial to child development and maintains an important role in mental and physical health throughout the human lifespan.”  Play is...


Light Understandings

“Using the light table to explore has provided a magical feeling for the children.” (Learning through Play,  2011.) A strong emphasis and focus of the space is the light table. This tool is an integral part...