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Helping your children with homework

Children are given homework in school to improve and reinforce day-to-day classroom learning. When kids do homework, they learn to follow direction and manage time. For parents, helping with the homework of...


Finding Balance

Sports, after-school and other extracurricular activities, not to mention homework, keep kids, and parents, busy from one day to the next. Parents do all they can to ensure their kids are well...


Managing Screen Time for Children

Today’s children are born into a world of touchscreens and are immersed in technology from a young age. Organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) had previously determined that children...


Enriching our Understanding of Science

Enriching our Understanding of Science ​Our visit to the Ontario Science Centre was an important learning moment for our Grade One students. The field study was a shared social experience that provided them...


Building Positive Attitudes 

Building Positive Attitudes  “The IB-PYP Attitudes are a vital focus in the development of positive attitudes towards people, the environment, and learning. These are the day to day attitudes we use: appreciation, commitment,...


It’s Time for Fun!!

It’s Time for Fun! Our Grade One students have been deepening their understanding of Time as part of our ‘Measurement’ strand in math. They have been learning about the importance of...


Science and Technology

Science and Technology  "A scientifically and technologically literate person is one who can read and understand common media reports about science and technology, critically evaluate the information presented, and confidently engage...