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Science in the Kindergarten Classroom

In Kindergarten, science is hands-on, child driven and authentic.  Curiosity fuels science investigations.  It is a natural way for children to make sense of their world.  “Children acquire scientific knowledge by ‘construction’ not by instruction.”...


Bansho Problem Solving

The children have been using the Bansho method to solve problems. Bansho is a form of problem solving that promotes the discussion and discovery of relationships in mathematics. It is completed in pairs,...


Creative Thinking

Take two wooden dowels, two clamps and a sheet of paper.  Put them together and a shadow screen is produced.  These simple materials greeted the children last week.  As a curious teacher I had placed...


The Tinkering Lab

The Tinkering Lab at our school is a place that nurtures the development of creative and scientific thinking.  A place for our children to explore, test, ask questions and think in new ways.  It...