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Between the ages of 3 and 5 children usually demonstrate rapid gains in fine motor manipulation, finger dexterity and tool use. Development of fine motor skills takes time, patience and practice. Activities that assist with development of the muscles required to manipulate a pencil include: 
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After having determined what ingredients are needed to ‘Make a Friend,’ the JK boys and girls made their very own ‘Friendship Soup!’ They did make a few alterations to the recipe, but it certainly was yummy.  The children enjoyed making and sharing it with other 
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JK student, Sophia, decided to build a bridge using colour cards. Sophia was most proud of her ‘colour bridge’… and even more proud as she learned how to take a picture with the JK classroom’s digital camera and photographed it all by herself!  
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What is Experiential Inquiry-Based Learning? A process that engages students in direct and active interactions with objects or phenomena in the immediate environment, usually through the use of one or more senses (observing, feeling, hearing, smelling, tasting, and intuition) Moves away from textbooks as the 
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The JK boys and girls have begun to move from simple interactions with each other to more elaborate and sustained exchanges. For young children, these exchanges are often observed during pretend play experiences.  Of particular interest, is that, although these are activities of choice for 
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Today the JK embarked on a ‘collaborative progettazione’, exploring the realm of ‘Relationships through Friends’. A poem was read to introduce the unit of interest. Several questions were asked of the JK children and recorded for documentation: What do ‘friends’ do together? What are you 
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Today, the JK students continued to investigate during Centre time with their math sorting activities. What was most compelling with this activity for Sophia and her partner was that they not only ‘sorted’ the animals, but created the two different habitats of ‘land’ and ‘water’. 
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The JK students gathered on the carpet to discuss and share their findings concerning the JK unit of interest about the harvest and tomatoes. The children were asked the following simple question: ‘What did you learn about tomatoes?’ The thought and meaningful discussion that ensued 
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Why is it important to allow children opportunities for uninterrupted opportunities to talk amongst themselves? In a classroom, there are certainly times for teaching, but times for listening are also important.  When we listen, we can learn so much from young minds. As teachers and 
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