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Welcome to Richland Academy

Richland Academy is an exceptional co-ed elementary school for students from 18 months to grade 8.  We deliver the influential first learning experience through a Reggio-inspired Inquiry approach that feeds the innate curiosity and creativity of children.  Our progressive and internationally recognized philosophy achieves the skills essential for a changing world, along with consistently high academic scoring.  We are committed to developing confidence, innovation, critical thinking, creativity, and a strong commitment to social awareness in our students.  We honour the inquiring, open and distinctive minds of each child.  Richland students are deeper thinking, confident, and world ready.

We enjoy welcoming educators to engage with and observe our Reggio-inspired Inquiry approach.  Our recently constructed 20,000 square foot expansion means we are now able to offer even more enriched PD experiences for educators at the newly developed Richland Centre for Learning Innovation.

Richland Study Day Tours
Offered September 2016 through June 2017

Spend the day at Richland Academy and observe our students engaged in learning, while immersed in our Reggio-inspired environment.   We work collaboratively with you to develop an itinerary based on your interests.  The day includes a tour of our campus, along with a lunch where you can dialogue one-on-one with a member of our Faculty.

Richland Toolbox Series

As a community that embraces a culture of innovation and creativity, we value learning from one another and recognize the incredible breadth of skills and expertise that we bring to our profession.  At Richland we celebrate these strengths and are pleased to offer a series of workshops lead by Richland Faculty and Staff.  The Richland Toolbox Series is a professional development experience thoughtfully designed to provide educators with a framework to inspire their own practice.

This year’s 2016/2017 Richland Toolbox Series Professional Development Schedule is shaping up to be better than ever! Planned and facilitated by our lead teacher-researches, each workshop provides a unique opportunity for participants to engage in dialogue, theory and ideas for practical application, with passionate and knowledgeable practitioners in an authentic setting. Each workshop includes a tour of our facility, access to exclusive pictures, a participant package of resources and refreshments. Come and experience the Richland Toolbox Series! Book now, as space is limited.

Personalized Consultation (Rates vary)

Consultations are available onsite at Richland Academy, as well as in your own setting. Richland Educators will provide customized consultation to suit your needs and interests in the following areas:

  • Shadowing: Experience a Richland classroom for a morning, afternoon or day.  Engage with the teacher, asking questions and gathering a deeper understanding of what inquiry looks like in a Reggio inspired school.
  • Implementing Reggio-inspired learning: Work with one of our consultants to create and implement a plan for Reggio inspired learning in your school or classroom from start to finish.
  •  Inquiry process/planning: Develop your inquiry facilitation skills by planning an inquiry from start to finish and meeting regularly with one of our consultants over the course of your inquiry.  Consultations are available at your location, at Richland Academy or online.
  • Problem solving techniques: From Math to Social Studies, introduce your students to a new way of problem solving that asks them to think critically, embrace difference and work together to create new ways of doing things.
  • Dynamic curriculum mapping: Have your students and parents engage with the curriculum like never before, by learning how to make the connections in your classroom curriculum visible, vivid, dynamic and interactive.
  • Creating your environment: Create an environment based on the Reggio Principals, that is conducive to the needs of your students and school, from materials to furniture and everything in between.
  • Documentation: Working on a piece of documentation?  Have an idea for a piece, but are unsure how to start?  Let one of our consultants guide you through the process, with opportunities to meet and dialogue throughout.

Please contact Marlina Oliveira, for more information on the courses outlined above.

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