Welcome to Richland Academy

We have welcomed international visitors to Richland for over a decade.  We believe that connecting globally is a skill of 21st Century learning.  What better way to learn than to authentically connect personally, and maintain that connection virtually?  The success of our program is based on reciprocity: we believe global relationships and cultural understanding are imperative; and that we stand to benefit as much from our visitors as they benefit from us.  Visiting students are immersed in Richland’s learning environment, and become members of our inviting community from the moment they arrive.

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I always get the chance to work with my classmates.  I am learning to work in a team.  I am learning how to collect new information.  I am also learning how to improve my English every day.” ~ A.R. International Richland student


Applying to Richland Academy involves three steps:

1. Submit an Application Online!

Richland Academy has implemented OpenApply to simplify the admissions process for applicants and schools by providing a convenient alternative to paper forms, and by providing an integrated system to support the internal admissions process from first inquiry to enrolment and re-enrolment. OpenApply is a web-based application, and is free for applicants & families. All you need is an Internet connection and an electronic device such as computer, tablet or phone.

Please go to richlandacademy.openapply.com to submit an application for your child. Click “Submit Application”, you can then select “International Student Application”.

With your completed form, please include:

  • A copy of your child’s three most recent report cards (if applicable)
  • A copy of your child’s birth certificate or passport
  • Application fee of $500.00 CDN (non-refundable) from Early Years to Grade 8

2. Arrange for a Personal Day Visit at Richland

After reviewing your application, we will schedule an appointment for you to visit our school and meet with the Head of School. All applicants are welcome to spend a day or two at Richland. During this visit, we will conduct an assessment for students in Grades 1 to 8 to determine their academic abilities. For children in Early Years, we schedule a family meeting with our Early Years Lead Teacher. For the JK-SK, we use a comprehensive tool to get to know them better.

3. Receive your Offer of Placement

We want to ensure that we are able to meet, and exceed, the needs of all of our students.  Decisions are made based on the thoughtful observations and assessment by Richland faculty and staff; and are made in the best interests of the students.   Richland’s student population benefits from a range of abilities, and we recognize the potential in every child.  Once a decision has been made to offer your child a placement at Richland Academy, you will receive a written offer of placement along with a registration package.

If you have any questions call (905)-224-5600