Tuition Fees​

We offer monthly and annual payment options, as well as a sibling discount and loyalty program. For details on tuition, payment options, and fees for extended care programs, please see links below for our current tuition fees:

“I wasn’t familiar with the concept of “Inquiry Based Learning” until my daughters started at Richland Academy. I relate it to the childhood story of Alice in Wonderland,when Alice falls down a deep tunnel and discovers a whole new world.Similar to Alice escaping from a dull and boring world, “a world of picture-less experiences”, my girls left a world of large classrooms, restricted to their classroom and ‘visits’ to library and gym, and curriculum based learning that leaves very little room for children’s imagination. Into a world that now truly helps them learn who they are and what amazing things they can do.”

Richland JK & SK Parent

Richland Academy Charitable Fund

The Richland Academy Charitable Fund was established in September 2006, to raise funds to benefit the educational and learning resources for all students. The Charitable Fund Board consists of one Director, one staff employee and one parent who will meet annually to review the school community wish list. In partnering with the Parent Ambassadors, monetary donations gifted throughout the school year will be eligible to receive a tax receipt through the Charitable Fund. The minimum donation of $100.00 is eligible for a tax receipt. Tax receipts will be issued in the full amount of the donation in the calendar year in which it is received. Please ensure that all donations are made payable to the Richland Educational Charity. Additionally, a percentage of the donations received each year will be given annually to a children’s charity benefitting their education. The charity will be selected by the students of Richland Academy.

The Parent Ambassadors of Richland Academy is an organization composed of parents who are interested in sharing their time and experience to support, and to contribute to a greater good of the community. The purpose of Richland’s Parent Ambassadors is to support, promote and improve the  quality of education and well being of Richland students. Family engagement helps define Richland’s wonderful learning community. Parent Ambassadors can connect with other families, offer time for school events and demonstrate increased engagement and interest in supporting Richland.

Please support us in donating at time of enrolment.

Richland Financial Incentives

Richland Academy Sibling Discount

A 5% discount is applied to the families with more than one child attending the school. First child will pay the full tuition and the remaining siblings will receive the discount.

Richland Academy Loyalty Program

It is with pleasure that Richland Academy is continuing its Loyalty Program for the 2020-2021 academic year. To participate in the Loyalty Program, your child(ren) must have completed five or more full-time academic years at Richland Academy.

The Loyalty Program entitles qualified students to a 5% discount off of 2020-2021 tuition fees. Please note that sibling discounts do not apply to those students qualifying for the Loyalty Program.

Richland Academy wishes to thank you for your fellowship and dedication over the years!

Richland Academy Referral Reward Program

We are proud of our school and the welcoming community within its walls. And we know you are, too.

It means a great deal to us when you refer others to Richland. As a token of our appreciation we offer a gift certificate to families who make a recommendation to another family that results in an enrolment.

And we purchase those gift certificates from businesses owned by members of our Richland community – so the reward benefits both your family and another.

Please let us know if you’ve made a referral. We want to thank you properly!!