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It felt such a bitter sweet time of the year for us all.  It has been a wonderful year of shared discoveries, and relationships, only strengthened by mutual respect and support in our SK ‘family’. Parents, teachers and children working and playing together as we 
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Connecting math and tinkering The Grade 4’s have kicked off their measuring unit in mathematics with the building of innovative games to share with our school.  One group has decided to make a ‘Monopoly Ping Pong Table’ and another group is working on a ‘Racing 
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Good evening friends and families of Richland Academy.  I am so pleased to welcome you to our school and to thank you for joining us in celebrating the grand opening of our newly expanded learning facility. The heavy machinery that had occupied our space for 
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I am so excited! I had my very first week at Richland Academy and what a wonderful experience it was! As Assistant Head of School, I was invited to visit every classroom and was able to engage in some lovely conversations shared throughout. Gr. 3: 
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As Reggio-inspired educators, we recognize the influence the environment has on learning.  Within the Reggio philosophy, the environment is considered the Third Teacher, it’s impact is so profound.  As we create our spaces for children, the challenge is often in the translation of theory into 
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It’s so hard to believe that the year of our expansion construction will soon be coming to a close.  Looking around the campus now, every corner is in a state of upheaval; but we know that these are the final stages of the process, and 
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In the weeks since our students finished school in June, it has been full steam ahead on the construction site.  If you are following our developments from a distance, or you have not been by recently, here is an update of recent developments:Internal Progress From 
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Over the past year, Richland’s facility has been dramatically transforming on the other side of our west wall.  Initially, the changes were not immediately apparent while the ground work was being laid for the foundation.  It wasn’t long, however, before the building shape was defined 
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We’re delighted to share the highlights from last evening’s musical performance, Summer Camp, at Richland. The musical collection brought forward all of the associations one draws from Summer Camp:  A strong sense of community, a warm, joyful and accepting environment, skill building, the testing of 
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