Making Learning Visible

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Eye of the Tiger

Democratic Collaborative Choreography Empowers the Grade 4 class in Performing Arts The Grade 4 class most recent work in Performing Arts surrounds music history, playing and singing with the ukulele and collaborative choreography creation. Together, we...


Speech Writing

Writing speeches has been a challenging, yet exciting journey for our Grade One students. I call it a journey because just like any journey, it has a beginning, middle and an end....


The Outdoor Classroom

Latest research shows that spending periods of time outdoors builds children's imagination, social/emotional skills, physical health and improves classroom behaviour.  This in turn impacts their cognitive abilities, and academic performance.   Young children learn through...


Connecting the Learning

As one form of data management, the children have been using Venn diagrams to sort and organize information, in their mathematics. By definition, according to the Ontario Curriculum, “A Venn diagram is a...


Science in the Kindergarten Classroom

In Kindergarten, science is hands-on, child driven and authentic.  Curiosity fuels science investigations.  It is a natural way for children to make sense of their world.  “Children acquire scientific knowledge by ‘construction’ not by instruction.”...