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Our Grade 2 students  combined their understanding of scale and representation by using models to represent the different things they see in the classroom and in the school on a daily basis.
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Our Grade 4 classroom began their year-long journey to become literate in the ways that the media sends us messages and shapes our communities. They started by questioning “What is Media Literacy?” They brainstormed their initial impressions and came up with a definition to start 
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Today the JK embarked on a ‘collaborative progettazione’, exploring the realm of ‘Relationships through Friends’. A poem was read to introduce the unit of interest. Several questions were asked of the JK children and recorded for documentation: What do ‘friends’ do together? What are you 
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The PK children experimented with colours, numbers and shapes while printing with apples. They selected paint colours based on the apples that they had gathered- yellow, red and green. They carefully cut open the apples in different directions, and the children excitedly counted the seeds 
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Spatial Awareness is an organized awareness of our body’s position in space.  It is a concept closely related to Kinesthetic Identification and studies suggest that there are strong links between a well-developed sense of spatial awareness and artistic creativity; as well as success in math. 
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Today, the JK students continued to investigate during Centre time with their math sorting activities. What was most compelling with this activity for Sophia and her partner was that they not only ‘sorted’ the animals, but created the two different habitats of ‘land’ and ‘water’. 
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The JK students gathered on the carpet to discuss and share their findings concerning the JK unit of interest about the harvest and tomatoes. The children were asked the following simple question: ‘What did you learn about tomatoes?’ The thought and meaningful discussion that ensued 
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In line with 21st century learning, Richland students are investigating problem-solving and exploring hands-on mathematics that can be applied to real life situations. Grade 4-6 Math and Science Teacher, Mrs. Pamenter, considers the interests of the students when organizing her math lessons because she appreciates 
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