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Our Grade 1 students add province- and territory-specific elements to their map of Canada, after exploring our country’s diverse landscape.
Read more The PK class has been exploring the sounds of rain showers and thunderstorms, and created rain sticks to make their own rain sounds and recreate a rain shower. This video shows the students singing their new song “I Hear Thunder”, accompanied by their rain 
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What began as a simple idea of building a castle from a box in our SK classroom, evolved into an in-depth journey of experiential and hands-on learning. After months of drawing, planning and discussing how they could create a castle for the classroom, our SK 
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This week, a group of PK’s worked together to build a number train puzzle, counting dots to match to numerals and then numbers of objects, and then sequencing the numbers from 1 to 10. Puzzles improve a child’s cognitive, problem solving and reasoning skills. They 
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As part of their research on money and banks, our SK’s headed out for an exciting and engaging ‘field’ trip to a “real live” bank. Students had the opportunity to explore the machine that makes cheques (the “protectograph”), and visit both the Boardroom and the 
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Our Grade 3 students create their vision of the underground city of Ember, following their inquiries about light and electricity while studying the novel, “The City of Ember.”
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On January 27th, Richland students, staff and families joined us for ‘Family Fun Day,’ a community-building event in celebration of Winterfest and Family Literacy Day. The day began with a morning of free-skating and warming up with hot chocolate at Bond Lake Arena. Smiling (and 
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Recently, our Grade 5/6 students tried to solve a puzzle where the letters A-Z = the numbers 1-26. Most students figured out that you must first assign a number to each letter. Then, the sum of the 2 numbers on the right, minus the sum 
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Each morning, our JK parents drop their children off and entrust them into our care for a day of engaging and experiential learning. As Reggio-inspired educators, we engage our children in their natural sense of wonder, which is at the very root and centre of 
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This week, our PK students were excited to see the wet weather and were asked what they knew about rain: “It makes the flowers grow up and up,” shared Sebastian. “It comes from the clouds. Grey clouds make rain and white clouds make sun,” said 
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