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A few weeks ago, a special visitor entered the Senior Kindergarten classroom and we asked him to stay.  That visitor is William Shakespeare!  For months, the Senior Kindergarten children have been enthralled with the life and stories of Shakespeare.  While outdoors they called for him 
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Today’s post comes from our Senior Kindergarten teachers, and the reflections on ‘coming of age’ as their students near the end of their kindergarten years. In recent weeks we have noticed a change in the social dynamics of our students.  The Senior Kindergarten Children are 
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Today’s post comes from Ms. Pearson and the Grade 5 students, who have been exploring geometry.  Future architects in the making! Using their knowledge of prisms, pyramids and polygons, the Grade fives were challenged to create a bridge using only toothpicks and plasticine.The bridges had 
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In September 2014, a new Social Studies curriculum will be mandated in all elementary school classrooms across Ontario. This new curriculum focuses on developing big ideas and enduring understandings through inquiry. At Richland we have continued to progress in our journey as a Reggio-Inspired school; 
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It all began in September when the children first started to explore the kindergarten playground and school gardens.  The small creatures that contribute to the life of our gardens has been a yearlong interest, and re-emerged when spring finally arrived.  They are now building habitats 
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The Inuit people balanced rocks to create a type of “land art” that was both beautiful and with a purpose. Over 400 years ago, the people created Inuksuks that helped them find their way; that spoke of a good resting place; that defined a place 
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I was most inspired from a posting on Pinterest entitled, “How We Express Ourselves: A Kindergarten Inquiry” where a Reggio inspired PYP teacher shared her work with her children.  They explored “The Hundred Languages of Children” poem written by Loris Malaguzzi, who “influenced practitioners all 
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The beginning of the school year marked Grades 3-6 starting their musical journey with our now favourite little stringed instrument, the ukulele. The enthusiasm for this tiny lesser known cousin of the guitar hasn’t always been popular amongst Richland students. In particular, in September and 
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The use of natural materials to create art was introduced to the children in Senior Kindergarten as they viewed some beautiful pieces of land art created by the British artist, Andy Goldsworthy. “He’s the perfect artist for me. Wow!  He’s very creative!” – J. The children 
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