Deepening Our Understanding of Measurement

The Grade 2 students continue to deepen our understanding of measurement by investigating the capacity and mass of a given object. We enjoyed estimating, measuring and recording capacity and mass using a...


IB Theme How the World Works

Our Early Years BG2 class have continued our inquiry into 'How the World Works' with a focus on:  a) What tools are used for b) How we can use tools safely Authentic and real learning...


Talk about Time

Got games to play, places to go, people to see? Here are six ways to work the concept of time into conversations with your cutie in ways that even the littlest munchkins...


What Time Is It?

"Without time, life would be crazy." I.Z. Our Grade One students have been deepening their understanding of Time as part of our ‘Measurement’ strand in math. They have been learning about the importance...


Unfolding Personal Narrative Writing

​Narrative Writing is an important style of writing that students at different grade levels experience. By creating and telling a narrative/story, ‘our students learn to organize their thoughts and use written language...


How the World Works

Central Idea:  Earth's resources are an important part of our life.​ Our Grade 4 / 5 Class has officially launched into our third International Baccalaureate (IB) Inquiry about how the world works.  This...


How outdoor learning benefits kids

Want your kid to pay more attention in school, feel less stress, and step up his game in classroom activities? Mother Nature has the answer. A new study from researchers at the University of...


Stop homework freak-outs for good!

6 SMART WAYS TO AVOID BATTLES Increasingly, experts agree that kids today get way too much homework. Until schools find a way to tame the homework monster into submission, try these tips to...