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How To Save our Planet

In collaboration with the Grade 2 IB theme Sharing the Planet, the grade 2's viewed the David Attenborough video entitled "How to Save Our Planet". We connected to how our actions affect...


Paper Tower Structure Building Challenge

Our grade 5 students put the learning theory of constructionism into practice by building knowledge through the construction of paper tower structures. Their task was to create the tallest tower possible with only...


How We Express Ourselves

This week's blog author is from a Grade 4 Student. ​The central idea for How We Express Ourselves is, “ Light and sound can be expressed in a creative way.'' For our first...


Places of significance during COVID-19

Below are the Grade 7/8 architectural pen and ink drawings of Hospitals. "This is relevant because it shows the different hospitals that are taking care of people during Covid-19, and how the streets...


Outdoor Learning

With the beautiful spring weather arriving last week, we took the opportunity to take the children outside to do some inquiry work. We have been thinking about how humans and animals help...


A Special Place

The JK class explored a variety of 3D paper folding techniques and continued to develop their cutting, gluing, and painting skills while also strengthening their creative thinking and communication skills. They created...


Honouring Dr. Martin Luther King

​This week, the Grade 4s, took to their couches and listened as we read from a biographical book about the life and contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King.  Although  Martin Luther King Day...