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A Special Place

The JK class explored a variety of 3D paper folding techniques and continued to develop their cutting, gluing, and painting skills while also strengthening their creative thinking and communication skills. They created...


Honouring Dr. Martin Luther King

​This week, the Grade 4s, took to their couches and listened as we read from a biographical book about the life and contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King.  Although  Martin Luther King Day...


Hello 2021!

Our Grade 5 Virtual Learners showed up both authentically and enthusiastically this week amidst our current challenging circumstances. There was a feeling of collective effervescence in the air as being together, sharing...


Social Justice Market Math

Our Grade 5 classroom community thoroughly enjoyed participating our first 'Market Math' experience of the school year. During market math, students buy and sell items to practice their computational skills when it...


Grade One Engineers

​The Grade One students changed their roles again over the last couple of weeks! They became ENGINEERS! Once your children joined the “Scientists in School” engineering team, they built a structure capable...


Lest we forget

​Although Remembrance Day was honoured with perhaps less fanfare and without an assembly or speakers, the students continued this year to make poppies with messages of thankfulness for the sacrifices made by...


Emergent Curriculum

In SK we follow a Reggio inspired IB curriculum. Part of that means that there are opportunities to include an emergent curriculum as we respect and honour the children’s interests. Emergent curriculum...