A Message from our Founder

Welcome to our school,

Long before Richland was a reality, my own personal experiences as a student and teacher lead me on a journey of finding a better way of educating our children, a way that was more inclusive, engaging and embodying the full essence of each child.

When I founded Richland Academy in 2002, I had a clear vision of a child in my mind. One that was aware, kind, motivated, confident, self-assured, intelligent, and independent. In this image, a new and progressive learning model was created, one which would provide children with an environment that would honour them for who they are, inspire them to embrace and seek out learning, while developing the knowledge, skills and mindset required for tomorrow’s world.

Our students are educated in a holistic manner, encompassing their minds, bodies and spirits. They are directly and actively involved in their learning, experiencing it through their actions, thoughts and feelings. Our role is to enlighten their minds, enhance their knowledge and enrich their experiences.

As educators we are excited each day as our students astound us with their talents, contributions, accomplishments, their capacity for learning, and their desire to make sense of the world around them.

Your children hold in their hands the power to be the change agents of our world. Driven by passion and a purpose and guided by their hearts and minds, your children will take their ideas and dreams and make them a reality for all of humanity.

Many years ago, that dream of a child inspired Richland to be. Your children and the future children of Richland are the gifts and inspiration to guide and steer us into the next era.

My gratitude to that image of the child.


Marlina Oliveira