Halloween is a Spooky Celebration

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Halloween is a Spooky Celebration

Celebrations of any kind are meaningful moments within our lives. They are intended to share joy and bring people together. They help to develop a feeling of belonging and create a sense of community.

There is a door decorating contest, so the kids worked as a team and created a pretty spooky door!

Another amazing memory from the week was deciding how our first pumpkin is going to be carved. All of the students got a change to vote on each of the facial features of the pumpkin. The pumpkin decorating contest was another special memory from this week. When doing something like this, team work really does make the dream work!

Over the last couple of weeks our class read alouds and reading responses have all been Halloween theme. The students loved voting on which of my spooky stories to read!

To end the day, we played a couple of rounds of Halloween BINGO! 

Adrian Cheung

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