We Can All Be Water Guardians and Keepers!

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We Can All Be Water Guardians and Keepers!

The Grade Two students had a chance to welcome Asha Frost, an indigenous healer who talked to us about the importance of water and how sacred this resource is to the survival of Living things and therefore our planet Earth.

The big idea of honouring and respecting water by showing gratitude was the enduring  understanding and take away.

​Many First Nations ceremonies involve water and our students enthusiastically engaged in a water ceremony  with Ms. Frost thanking water for everything it enables us to do.

The story, We Are Water Protectors, provoked our students’ thinking and encouraged them to take action.

Thank you Asha Frost for such a unique and memorable experience.  Our students left the workshop with a deeper understanding of “How our actions affect the quality of air and water, and its ability to sustain life.”

Adrian Cheung

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