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How We Express Ourselves

This week’s blog author is from a Grade 4 Student.

​The central idea for How We Express Ourselves is, “ Light and sound can be expressed in a creative way.” For our first Line of Inquiry, we are learning about the properties of light and sound. Light travels through straight lines and sound travels through sound waves. Light and sound both are forms of energy that move through waves. Both forms of energy travel in a form of waves.

We were first introduced to this inquiry with materials that we were asked about. The class observed a prism, a Pane-vue, a slinky, a Focus Matic machine and straws. Ms. Ciocio asked the class; “How do  these items connect to light or sound”. In my opinion, the class was curious and interested about these  items. Also, we went outside and looked at these items. The students did not know some of the following items. Later on, we went to the class and talked about what we wrote. We were shocked by some of the items.

Adrian Cheung

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