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A community of active and compassionate citizens

At Richland Academy, we work together to define education for a changing world so that our students are deeper thinking, confident and world ready. We are a community of learners who are active, responsible, and compassionate global citizens.

During the past year, we have all had to make some sacrifices big and small. Traditionally Richland hosts many fun events for the school and wider community to enjoy but due to events out of our control, we have had to postpone some of them. A favourite, the talent show, was not going to happen.
But with all the challenges this year, the spirit of Richland students still shines and they continue to find creative ways to keep life at Richland as close to normal.

Sam, Sienna, Abigail and Ali felt the need to challenge this and took it upon themselves to meet with the Head of School with a proposal to continue with the tradition and have the talent show, but with a creative twist. Through discussion and a true passion to keep spirits high within the school community they saw a problem, organized themselves, took action and got the green light for the talent show.

Fantastic commitment and compassion to keep pushing forward and not letting go of the things you enjoy despite the year so far. You are an inspirations for others and are examples of what Richland stands for.

Adrian Cheung

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