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A Special Place

The JK class explored a variety of 3D paper folding techniques and continued to develop their cutting, gluing, and painting skills while also strengthening their creative thinking and communication skills. They created a final artwork about “a special place” which they presented to their classmates on an online platform. They were excited and showed purpose and focus busying their hands and minds while interacting with materials.

Here are some of their ideas and special places:

The Ocean: by Lennon “I made a 3D ocean because I want to go to the beach. I added a turtle, an octopus, a shark, a fish, seaweed, a coral reef. And I curled my waves…I thought that would be cool.”

Brontosaurus Attack​: by James “This is Pangea when the dinosaurs were alive”

Summer in the Park: by Misha “​There is a house in the park.”

The Waves: by Rhian “There is ​a crab on the beach, an octopus in the ocean and a boat.”

Jurassic Park: by Tyler “There is a volcano exploding and lava running down.”

Adrian Cheung

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