Where We Are in Place and Time Movement and Migration!

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Where We Are in Place and Time Movement and Migration!

​The Grade 3 students have been deeply engaged in our inquiry about Movement and Migration. We have explored the continents, oceans, reviewed vocabulary words such as immigrants, immigration, refugees, push and pull factors of migration, and discussed why we think people may choose migrate to a new country.  A highlight for our class was interviewing our family members to gain a better understanding of why they immigrated.

We also learned about some of the challenges of moving from one country to another.

From our interviews we learned that our families immigrated from countries such as China, South Korea, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Hungary, New Zealand and Iran.

Our family members chose to move:

  • For a better life
  • Jobs
  • Better education
  • Family members were already in Canada
  • Canada is a peaceful and democratic country
  • Canada is a beautiful and safe with friendly people

We also discovered that some of the challenges of migration were:

  • Adapting to the cold weather
  • Learning to drive in the snow
  • Having to learn English
  • Having to move away from family and friends
  • Not familiar with the new city/town/province
  • Making friends
  • Having to leave their country because of war

Thank you to our family members for taking the time to share their stories with us. We have learned a lot from all of you.

How do people overcome these challenge?  Any ideas?

Adrian Cheung

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