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IB Learner Profile In Action

Looks like: I care about my friends and others.
Sounds like:
“Oh I’m stuck” – Audrey
“Don’t worry, I can help you!” – Olivia
“Thank you!” – Audrey
“You are welcome. I am very nice and we are best friends together” – Olivia

Looks like: I do what is right, even when it’s hard
​Sounds like:“I clean up” – Shelley

Looks like: I share my ideas
Sounds like:
“What is this? I show you ok!” – Shelley
“1,2,3” -Shelley
Timmo responds with laughter

Looks like: I like to learn new things
Sounds like:
“I did it, A for Audrey” – Audrey
“Look, I can count!” – Olivia

Looks like: I play with others
Sounds like:
“Let’s make a meeting in my ice cream shop. What do you want for ice cream?” – Kayshan

Looks like: I think of how to make good choices and do my best
Sounds like:
“Hey I can try this, I try to write ok” – Benjamin on his first attempt at writing the first letter of his name
“Look Ms Omua, my B looks like yours!” – Benjamin after practicing to write the first letter of his name many times

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