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​This field study connected to our IB Theme, Sharing the Planet.

On  May 1st, 2019, the Richland Academy Grade 4/5 class went to the Science Centre. When we were at the centre we were looking at ecology (the study of plants and animals). There were many trees in the first exhibit  and some of the trees  were almost 150cm wide. Then we learned that some trees were smaller than that, but they were a lot older than the other bigger trees. This surprised us.

We also went to the rain forest exhibit. There were some animals such as fish, snakes, frogs and small insects. The rain forests temperature was hot and steamy and it was hard to breathe because it was so humid in there.

After that we went to see an IMAX film called, OCEANS.  In case you don’t know what an IMAX film, it is a dome and there is a science film playing all around you.  The movie was about how climate change is affecting the oceans, animals and how they are adapting to survive in the ever changing ocean.

This field study connected to the central idea, Changes to habitats and communities affect plants and animals.

Adrian Cheung

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