Building Positive Attitudes 

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Building Positive Attitudes 

Building Positive Attitudes 

“The IB-PYP Attitudes are a vital focus in the development of positive attitudes towards people, the environment, and learning. These are the day to day attitudes we use: appreciation, commitment, confidence, cooperation, creativity, curiosity, empathy, enthusiasm, independence, integrity, respect, and tolerance.”

These positive attitudes are becoming an explicit part of our Grade One students’ daily learning. They are woven into their daily school life and are highlighted and reinforced at every learning opportunity.

During our read alouds our Grade One students are closely observing the characters’ behaviours and as such are forming opinions about the attitudes these characters display. Our Blue Spruce readers for this year are forming a solid platform for such character observations.

The children are given opportunities to examine their own actions. They are realizing that the attitudes they show towards other people, the environment and learning are reflected through their behaviours. For example:

“I show empathy towards others by bringing my friends closer when they are sad.” M. B.

“I show confidence by relying on me and believing in myself.” S.R.

“I show appreciation by loving my pals.” P.C.

“I show independence when I read peacefully and alone.” R.Z.

“I show respect towards books by not ripping them.” N.K.

“I am curious when I wonder where rubber comes from.” K.K.


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