Fostering Relationships with Geometry

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Fostering Relationships with Geometry

Number sense and Numeration is a part of our every day studies. However, we have shifted our minds towards the study of shapes, angles, lines, curves, vertices, etc. Geometry is imperative in the development of spatial understandings, numbers and measurement, and deeper thinking skills, which will promote logical reasoning. Building relationships with geometry is a part of the Grade One Mathematics curriculum. Students will be able to, “Compose and describe pictures, designs, and patterns by combining 2D & 3D shapes (e.g. making a picture of a flower using one hexagon and six equilateral triangles.)” Visiting the Aga Khan Museum last week gave our students an opportunity to extend their relationships with geometry, patterns and numbers. Through hands on experiences, our students were able to create patterns using 4 patterning elements (flowers, calligraphy, animals/people and shapes). They were able to think deeply about the geometric designs within the museum. They are now able to reference new knowledge to build upon within the classroom and further.

Our students are thinking and creating holistic relationships with shapes. They are building their schemas or mental patterns for purposes of sorting and differentiating shapes into categories. They will learn to describe and analyze such shapes; in order to, identify and characterize them by their distinguishing properties. Whether we are imprinting our repeated pattern within clay tiles or building our own 2D & 3D shapes, our Grade One students are just beginning to get their feet wet within the Mathematical area of Geometry.


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