Messing About with open-ended materials…

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Messing About with open-ended materials…

A child’s brain development at a young age has the potential to progress the necessary skills to problem solve, socialize with peers and enhance their overall cognition. Using open-ended materials to support their brain development, aids in the assistance of their meta-cognition skills by requiring children to use their imaginations to think and process versus allowing the material to do the thinking for the child. Children are fully capable of greatness, if we the teachers support the “directions” they wish to take their learning journeys, this will create an educational system that is meaningful and purposeful for children.

“Let’s make a pattern!” J. “Ok, let’s make a rectangle, a rectangle, a rectangle, and a triangle. We will use tape and will need scissors to cut.” M. “Once we are done, we can fill it with rocks, shells, and more nature…it’s going to be so beautiful!”“The teacher’s role is to be a competent listener to the visual language and to the children’s individual and group strategies in order to support and anticipate the direction where children may go next.” ~ Brianne Bongiovanni


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