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Connecting the Learning

As one form of data management, the children have been using Venn diagrams to sort and organize information, in their mathematics.

By definition, according to the Ontario Curriculum, “A Venn diagram is a diagram consisting of overlapping circles used to show what two or more sets have in common.”Through problem solving and answering questions, the children have also had the opportunity to demonstrate an understanding, and interpret the information, presented to them on a Venn diagram. To further enhance their understanding, another opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge arose. While exploring and researching liquids and solids in Investigative Research, the children noted that some substances when heated or cooled, could, in fact, be either a solid or a liquid. “How can we show this all this information?”, I wanted to know. “We could use a Venn diagram,” came the unanimous response.

By applying their knowledge about Venn diagrams in Mathematics, to an authentic learning experience in Science, the children were able to connect their learning in a very meaningful way. What a powerful learning experience it became!


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