“How did you get to China?” M.

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“How did you get to China?” M.

Continuing our adventures and making global connections, our Preschoolers planned another Skype date. Skyping China last week left us with many inquiring questions, so today we skyped Ms. Pearson in China. The question was posed, “last week Ms. Pearson, you were here and now you are there, how did you get there? Did you walk, fly on an airplane or use your cape to fly there?” M.What is your favourite food in China?” D., “Have you made any new friends in China?” D., “How many minutes did it take you to get there?” M., and the most important question was, “When will you be back to Richland and what will you bring back here with you Ms. Pearson?” M. Our curious minds are working overtime and we are booming with ideas; such as, conceptualizing time, contemplating flight and recognizing other countries around the world and our places within this vast world.  Where and who will we skype next? With the integration of technology, the possibilities are endless!


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