Exploring Patterns and Relationships in Grade One

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Exploring Patterns and Relationships in Grade One

“Children first learn about patterns by discriminating similarities and differences as they sort. As they begin to understand the relationships between objects, they can start to make predictions. They then proceed to the recognition of visual, kinesthetic, and auditory patterns in their environment. From recognition, they progress to extension of patterns, translation of a given pattern to other modes, and finally to the creation of their own.” (Ontario Math Curriculum)The Grade One class has been exploring with great interest multiple patterns. They are, currently, at the stage of recognizing visual, kinesthetic and auditory patterns in their environment.  The children practice that through hearing and copying multiple, repetitive moves and sounds. This skill is extended to involve creating their own auditory and kinesthetic patterns. Our study of ‘Patterning in Mathematics’ will extend to include different attributes, such as colour, geometrical shapes, numbers, direction, etc.


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