Collaboration in Grade One

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Collaboration in Grade One

As our Grade One students continue to deepen their knowledge of the body systems, their collaboration skills are constantly developing.  They are learning to listen to diverse opinions, share their knowledge, and treat each other with respect. The students are beginning to understand that with group work, the focus is on the collective knowledge, i.e.,  “What We Know?” rather than the knowledge of one person, i.e., ‘’What I know?”After the class listened to an informational text about the different body systems, they had been investigating. They were asked to gather in their groups, and define what the product of their ‘new knowledge’ would look like. Students, in the same group and after consulting with each other, chose different tasks. Tasks they were comfortable to perform. Some children decided to draw diagrams enlisting the support of books. Others chose to draw and label their drawings, or record, in writing, their new understandings.


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