The Grade 4’s discover our new Tinkering Lab

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The Grade 4’s discover our new Tinkering Lab

Connecting math and tinkering

The Grade 4’s have kicked off their measuring unit in mathematics with the building of innovative games to share with our school.  One group has decided to make a ‘Monopoly Ping Pong Table’ and another group is working on a ‘Racing Hover Craft.’

 These projects have been a wonderful way for the Grade 4’s to be involved in collaborative work; learning  the importance of brainstorming, sharing ideas, listening, and responding to a variety of ideas presented, as well as establishing positive relationships.  This new hub of learning and creating for our community will enrich our experiences and allow us to create with the use of various materials and tools, messing about to achieve our design concepts.   The weeks ahead will be rich in experiential and inquiry learning and we will be excited to share our creations and how the skills above will have grown through this project.  Stay tuned for more to come……

Brainstorming, sharing ideas, and planning our game designs and creations with Mr. Rafael.

Messing about with all the amazing materials and loose parts in our new tinkering space.  Very cool.

Wow….look at these tools and materials……which of these will I need to build the the ping pong table?




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