Richland Construction in Full Swing

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Richland Construction in Full Swing

It’s so hard to believe that the year of our expansion construction will soon be coming to a close.  Looking around the campus now, every corner is in a state of upheaval; but we know that these are the final stages of the process, and will soon dissolve into our memories.We wanted to share these images with you, so that you too can see what we’re talking about. We’re sorry our students are missing all the incredible machines that have been working on site – they’re quite impressive!

We also wanted to provide you with some internal images, so that you can see the progress being made on the expansion.  Here’s what’s been taking place:

  • Finishing touches on the drywall
  • Painting
  • Installation of the lights and ceiling panels
  • Tiling of the bathrooms
  • Placement of the internal windows

The excitement is building as everyone pulls together to meet our deadline – it really is ‘all go around here’ and we cannot wait to move in and welcome everyone back for September.Until then, enjoy the break and keep following our progress!


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