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If You’re Appy and you Know it…

Carrying over from Tuesday’s post, we have more great apps to share with you today.  These learning apps focus on improving executive functioning skills in students.

Executive function allows us to:

  • Make plans
  • Keep track of time and finish work on time
  • Keep track of more than one thing at once
  • Meaningfully include past knowledge in discussions
  • Evaluate ideas and reflect on our work
  • Change our minds and make mid-course corrections while thinking, reading, and writing
  • Ask for help or seek more information when we need it
  • Engage in group dynamics
  • Wait to speak until we’re called on

These skills are vital in all aspects of life, and are not limited to the classroom.  We hope parents and educators alike will benefit from this reference list of apps, generated by Graphite, with our thanks.

We would also like you to share your recommendations with us at Inquiring Minds.  Do you have a favourite learning app?



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